Sparks, 1835: The Writings of George Washington.

Sparks, 1853: Letters to Washington.

Ford, 1891: The Writings of George Washington.

1781: Journals of the Continental Congress.

Stevens, 1888: Clinton-Cornwallis Controversy.

Cornwallis, 1783: An Answer by Cornwallis to certain parts of Narrative by Clinton.

Clinton, 1783: Observations by Clinton on certain parts of Cornwallis's Answer.

Ross, 1859: Correspondence of Cornwallis.

Tarleton, 1787: History of the Campaign in 1780 and 1781 in the Southern Provinces of North America.

Mackenzie, 1787: Strictures on Tarleton's History.

Hanger, 1789: An Address to the Army in reply to Strictures by McKenzie.

Marquis de Chastellux, 1787: Travels in North America in 1780,1781, and 1782.

Gibbes, 1853: Documentary History of the American Revolution.

Seymour: A Journal of the Southern Expedition, published in the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, 1883.

Howard's Statement: Published in Magazine of American History, October, 1881.

MAPS: United States Geological Survey—North Carolina, 1:500,000; South Carolina, 1:500,000. Price and Strother, North Carolina, 1808. South Carolina, 1822. Mills Atlas, 1825. Map in Tarleton's Narrative.



Johnson, 1822: Sketches of the Life and Correspondence of Nathanael Greene.

F. V. Greene, 1893: General Greene.

Graham, 1856: The Life of General Daniel Morgan.

G. W. Greene, 1871: The Life of Nathanael Greene.

Lossing, 1860: Pictorial Field Book of the Revolution.

Carrington, 1876: Battles of the American Revolution.

Landrum, 1897: Colonial and Revolutionary History of Upper South Carolina.

Ramsay, 1789: The History of the American Revolution.

Ramsay, 1809: The History of South Carolina.

Stedman, 1794: The History of the Origin, Progress, and Termination of the American War.

Wilkin, 1914: Some British Soldiers in America.

Peixotto, 1917: A Revolutionary Pilgrimage.

Lodge, 1898: The Story of the Revolution.

Marshall, 1805: The Life of George Washington.

Garden, 1828: Anecdotes of the American Revolution.

James, 1821: Sketches of the Life of Brigadier General Francis Marion.

McConkey, 1885: The Hero of Cowpens.


Gordon, 1788: The History of the Rise, Progress, and Establishment of the Independence of the United States of America.

Henry Lee, 1869: Memoirs of the War in the Southern Department of the United States. Third edition edited by Robert E. Lee. Colonel Howard contributed his corrections to the second edition.

Fiske, 1891: The American Revolution.

Alman [i.e., Almon], 1781: Remembrancer.

Bancroft, 1874: History of the United States.

Dawson, 1858: Battles of the United States by Sea and Land.

Shackelton, 1893: Hannah's Cowpens, A Battle Field of the Revolution.

Reed, 1847: Life and Correspondence of Joseph Reed.

Avery, 1909: A History of the United States.

1881: Cowpens Centennial.

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