Sparks, 1835: The Writings of George Washington.

Ford, 1891: The Writings of George Washington.

1780-81: Journals of the Continental Congress.

Sparks, 1853: Correspondence of the American Revolution. Letters to Washington.

Stevens, 1888: Clinton-Cornwallis Controversy Growing out of the Campaign in Virginia. A reprint of six pamphlets, with other matter added.

Cornwallis, 1783: An answer by Cornwallis to certain parts of Narrative by Clinton.

Clinton, 1783: Observations by Clinton on certain parts of Cornwallis's Answer.

Ross, 1859: Correspondence of Cornwallis.

Tarleton, 1787: History of the Campaign of 1780 and 1781, in the Southern Provinces of North America.

Mackenzie, 1787: Strictures on Tarleton's History.

Almon, 1780-81: The Remembrancer.

Houghed, 1867: The Siege of Charleston by the British Fleet and Army.

Draper, 1881: King's Mountain and its Heroes. The appendix publishes the following source material: Allaire's Diary; letters from officers of the Provincial Corps; letter, Williams to Gates; letter, Davidson to Sumner; letter, Gates to Jefferson; letter, Shelby to Shelby; letter, Shelby to Arthur Campbell; letter, Campbell to Campbell; letter, Shelby to Sevier; official report; Washington's general order; Campbell's general orders; vote of thanks, Virginia Legislature; vote of thanks, Virginia Senate; Diary of Ensign Robert Campbell; account of battle by Ensign Robert Campbell; Shelby's statements to Hardin in 1815-1819; Shelby's 1823 statement.

Vance, narrative: Pamphlets on the Revolutionary War.

MAPS: United States Geological Survey—Kings Mountain quadrangle; Gaffney quadrangle; Roan Mountain quadrangle; Mount Mitchell quadrangle; Morganton quadrangle; State of Tennessee; State of North Carolina; State of South Carolina. Price and Strother—North Carolina, 1808. Mills Atlas, 1825.


Draper, 1881: Kings Mountain and Its Heroes. Collection of material for this history covered a period of 40 years. The book contains much source material of varying worth.

Lossing, 1860: Pictorial Field Book of the Revolution.

Carrington, 1876: Battles of the American Revolution.

Landrum, 1897: Colonial and Revolutionary History of Upper South Carolina.

Ramsay, 1789: The History of the American Revolution.

Ramsay, 1809: The History of South Carolina.

Ramsay, 1853: Annals of Tennessee.

Stedman, 1794: The History of the Origin, Progress, and Termination of the American War.

Simms, 1860: The History of South Carolina.

Wilkin, 1914: Some British Soldiers in America.


Warren, 1805: History of the Rise, Progress, and Termination of the American Revolution.

Hunter, 1877: Sketches of Western North Carolina.

Wheeler, 1861: History of North Carolina.

Johnson, 1822: Sketches of the Life and Correspondence of Nathanael Greene.

Roosevelt, 1889: The Winning of the West.

Graham, 1913: Address by Major Graham on General Davidson, in North Carolina Booklet.

Boyd, 1909: The Battle of Kings Mountain, in North Carolina Booklet.

Channing, 1888: The War in the Southern Department.

Graham, 1904: General Joseph Graham and His Papers on North Carolina Revolutionary History.

De Peyster, 1880: The Affair of King's Mountain.

De Peyster, 1881: The Battle or Affair of King's Mountain.

Greene, 1871: The Life of Nathanael Greene.

McCrady, 1901: The History of South Carolina in the Revolution.

Schenck, 1889: North Carolina, 1780-81.

Lee, 1869: Memoirs of the War in the Southern Department of the United States by Lieut. Col. Henry Lee.

Johnson, 1822: Sketches of the Life and Correspondence of Nathanael Greene.

Sabine, 1864: Loyalists of the American Revolution.

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