List of the continental officers killed, captivated, wounded, and missing, in the actions of the 16th and 18th of August, 1780.

KILLED. The honourable Major-general the Baron de Kalbe; Captain Williams, 6th Maryland regiment; Captain Duvall, 2d ditto; Lieutenant Donovan, 6th ditto, Lieutenant and Adjutant Coleman, artillery.

Wounded. Captain Somerwell, 6th Maryland regiment; Gibson, 5th ditto; Roun, Virginia-state artillery; Lieutenant Duvall, 3d Maryland regiment; Sears, ditto; Ensign Fickle, 7th.

Prisoners. Lieutenant-colonel Woolford, 5th Maryland regiment, wounded; Lieutenant-colonel Vaughan, Delaware; Lieutenant-colonel Porterfield, Virginia state, wounded; Lieutenant-colonel Du Buson, A. D. C. Gerald Kalbe, ditto. Majors, Winder, 1st Maryland regiment; Penton, Delaware regiment; Pinkney, A. D. C. General Gates, wounded. Captains, Brice, 3d Maryland regiment; Hoops, 5th ditto; Lynch, 5th; Hamilton, 5th; Hardman, 2d, wounded; Smith, 3d, ditto; Dorset, artillery, ditto. Lieutenant Brune, legion, ditto; Rhoads, Delaware regiment; Lamout, ditto; Captain-lieutenant Waters, artillery; Lieutenant Shoemaker, 4th Maryland regiment, wounded; Hanson, 4th ditto, ditto; Norris, 6th, ditto, ditto; Wallace, artillery, foot legion; Moreley, artillery; Doll, Delaware regiment; Skittington, ditto; Lieutenant and Adjutant Penvie, ditto. Ensigns, Burgis, 4th Maryland regiment; Roach, Delaware regiment. Volunteers, Nelson, 6th Maryland regiment, wounded; Rutledge, 4th ditto.

Missing. Captains, Morris, 7th Maryland regiment, wounded; Gassay, 2d ditto. Lieutenant Gassaway, 2d ditto; Captain Meredith, artillery; Captain-lieutenant Blair, ditto.

THE above is the most accurate return at present. Those who have received slight contusions, which do not hinder their doing their duty, are not included.

Your most obedient, humble servant,
O. H. WILLIAMS, Deputy adjutant general

Published by order of Congress.
Charles Thompson, Sec.

(From A History of the Campaigns of 1780 and 1781, in the Southern Province of North America?, by Lieutenant-Colonel Tarleton, pp150-153.)

Tarleton, Ch 2., [P], p. 150b

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