[v. 3, No. 106.] Lieut. Col. Brown to Brig. Gen. Pickens and L't. Col. Lee


In your summons of the 3d instant no particular conditions were specified; I postponed the consideration of it to this day.

From a desire to lessen the distresses of war to individuals, I am included to propose to you my acceptance of the enclosed terms, which being pretty similar to those granted to the commanding officers of the American troops and garrison in Charles Town, I imagine will be honourable to both parties.

I have the honour to be, &c.

THOMAS BROWN, Lieut. Col., commanding the King's troops at Augusta

(From Documentary History of the American Revolution, by Gibbes, Volume 3, p. 84)

Doc ID: Gibbes, v. 3, p. 84
Date: 6/4/1781

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