The Harvey family of which we belong has a long and proud history. We have been residents of what became Canada since 1760, and number ourselves amongst the oldest English Speaking families in Canada. In the 20th century the family has branched out from its Nova Scotia roots and spread itself all over North America. Yet we remain proud of our Canadian and Nova Scotian heritage, and the ancestors who bravely overcame 18th century hardships and founded a strong and prosperous family.

Our branch of the Harvey family has been enriched by the contributions that marriage can bring to all families. We are honoured to include within our list of ancestorial and familial ties the Loyalist MacDougall and Wallace families, also of Nova Scotia. Not all of our illustrious ancestorial ties are Scottish.....we include the honourable Irish Brophy and Buckley names among those of our forebearers.

The following connecting pages include references to the above families. Much of the research has been done by family members in Nova Scotia. Links to internet web pages have been included so the whole scope of these family names can be made available. Who knows perhaps you are related to our branches of these families. If you are, drop us a line. We'd love to hear from you! R. Bruce Harvey

The HARVEY family The MACDOUGALL family
       The WALLACE family The BROPHY family



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