W. Wardlaw to A. Wm.son.

[Original MS.]

LONG CANE, December 7, 2 o'clock, P. M., 1778.


I have just received information that the Indians have carried away Thos. Stevenson and his family, and three others that were there, and robbed his house. They were tracked some distance, and seemed to bear up the other side of Barker's Creek. This conduct seems unusual, but from the signs it appears that there are Indians in company. I am also informed that on yesterday there were several guns heard from the Corner. The alarm is sufficient to direct you how to proceed. Please to forward the other letters as directed.

I am, your humble servant,


P.S.-Our company is met this morning by day at the Corner, to proceed as necessity appears.

(From Documentary History of the American Revolution, by Gibbes, Volume 2, p. 96)

Doc ID: Gibbes, v. 2, p. 96a
Date: 12/7/1778

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