The name Harvey or Hervie is a Breton personal name which the Normans introduced into Britain after the conquest of 1066. The earliest written form of the name comes from assiciations with the great Scottish clan of Keith. During the reign of King David (1124-53), Norman, Saxon, Flemish and Scandinavian settlers in great numbers, took up their residence in Scotland. A part of the district of Keith, in East Lothian, was possessed by a baron named Herveius (Latin Form). He witnessed the charter by which King David granted Annandale to the Norman knight Robert de Brus in 1141. His estate received the designation of Keith Hervei, and afterwards of Keith Marischal. Herveus de Keith, the son of this baron, held the office of King's Marishal under Malcolm IV (1153-65) and William I (1165-1214).

The word Marischal (Marshall) has it splace at both ends of the Norman social scale. It originally meant horse groom, but later became interpreted as Constable or Steward, offices which were connected with the ruling circle. The son of Phillip Marescall, called Herveus later confirmed the church of Keith to the Abbey of Kelso. From this time on, the name Harvey has had wide Aberdeenshire connections, and hense other links to the Keith clan.

Across Scotland, in Ayreshire, the name Harvie is shown possessing the property of Broadlie in the Parish of Dalry. Nisbet gives their arms, shown above, as Azure, on a bend, Or, three Trefoils, Vert; Crest, another of the same; Motto, "Delectat et ornat".

The first mentioned by Nisbit is James Harvie (1) of Braidlie, of whom nothing is known. However in the family writs there is an Alexander Harvie (2 of Braidlie, who was succeeded by Magister William Harvie (3) of Braidlie, whose son Robert Harvie (4) of Braidlie is a subscribing witness to a charter in 1574. Robert died in 1606 and was succeeded by John Harvie (5) of Braidlie. On a stone over their burial place in Dalry church - yard, several of the family are named and it would appear that his wife's name was Margaret Noble. It was their son John Harvie (6) of Braidlie who suceeded. In 1656 he gave the half of Broadlie, Greenside, and Nether - Meadow to his son, John Harvie (7), upon his marriage with Catherine Wallace, the daughter of Robert Wallace of Cairnhill. Upon his father's death in 1676, he received the whole of the lands of Broadlie.

John Harvie and Catherine Wallace had two daughters, Ann and Annabel. John died without a male heir, and so in 1683 the Harvie family ceased to by Lairds of Broadlie. Ann was married to Robert Montgomerie of Bogston. The designation of the Lairds at that point onwards became, Montgomerie of Broadlie. The Lairds Montgomerie were friends of James Harvey of Dogartland, and his nephew John. Although there has not been a direct link proven between the Harvies of Broadlie, and the Harvies of Dogartland and Highlees, because of small size of the Dalry parish and the very few numbers of Harvies in the area, they were without doubt the same family.

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