[v. 3, No. 111.] Lord Rawdon to Lieut. Gen. Cornwallis

CHARLES TOWN, June 5, 1781.

Gen. Greene invested Ninety Six on the 22d of May. To my great satisfaction, however, I learned, by messages which I have found means to interchange with Lieut. Col. Cruger, that the new works were completed before the enemy's approach. The garrison is ample for the extent, and the fire of the enemy had no effect. Lieut. Col. Cruger, therefore, only apprehends, that relief may not arrive before his provisions are expended.

Fortunately we are now in a condition to undertake succouring him, without exposing a more valuable stake; and from the report of his provisions which he sent to me, I trust we shall be fully in time.

Augusta is likewise besieged; but I hope in little danger. Sir James Wright represented so strongly the wants of troops at Savannah, that I thought it necessary to send the King's American Regiment thither with all dispatch.

On the 3d instant the fleet from Ireland arrived, having aboard the 3d, 19th, and 30th Regiments, a detachment from the Guards, and a considerable body of recruits; the whole under the command of Col. Gould, of the 30th. Lieut. Col. Balfour and I immediately made known to Col. Gould the power which your lordship had given to us, for detaining such part of the expected reinforcement as we might conceive the service required: And it has been settled, that the three Regiments shall all remain here until your lordship signifies your pleasure respecting them. I shall march on the 7th towards Ninety Six, having been reinforced by the flank companies of the three new Regiments.

I am happy in mentioning to your lordship a handsome testimony of zeal for his Majesty's interests, which has occurred here: Considerable difficulty having arisen in the formation of cavalry, some of the principal inhabitants of this town made a subscription, amounting to near three thousand guineas: which sure they requested I would apply to the purpose of equipping a corps of dragoons in the manner I should judge most expedient. As I had no means of forming such a corps but by drafts from the infantry, I thought your lordship would be pleased that a compliment should be paid to the loyalty of the gentlemen above mentioned, by fixing upon men connected with the province; I have therefore ordered the South Carolina Regiment to be converted into cavalry, and I have the prospect of their being mounted and completely appointed in a few days.

(From Documentary History of the American Revolution, by Gibbes, Volume 3, p. 89)

Doc ID: Gibbes, v. 3, p. 89
Date: 6/5/1781

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