Sceda: Animations

Sceda: Animations

Here are some animations completed with sceda.

neat animation

This is the most interesting animation of the lot: a simple aircraft flies through the air carrying a 'D'. It hovers over a tower, the tower opens, the 'D' is dropped in, the tower closes, and the ship flies off This also demonstrates a bug in the current software: constraints are not maintained across interpolated frames, resulting in the cones separating from the body of the aircraft as it flies away. Yeah, yeah, I'll fix that eventually...

This is an MPEG I stream, 160x120, 199 frames, about 150k or so. This was animated from a 9 keyframe sequence, available here.

okay animation

A close up shot of one of the towers from the previous animation. The real power of sced/sceda is, I think, shown by constructions like this. Sced's constraints allow you to effectively design and build machines with moving parts. By constraining parts of the machine to always rotate or move along a certain line, very mechanical seeming movements can be done. This is also a bit of a problem, too, since organic forms and motion are difficult. But one thing at a time.

This is also an MPEG I stream, 160x120, 253 frames, 238k. It also shows a camera angle-change, although it's rather abrupt. Unfortunately, I no longer have the scene file for this...

hokey animation

DCA stands for Distributed Computing Architecture, and is the department of Bell Northern Research in which I work. Yeah, I know, as flying logos go, it's pretty hokey... It does show the smooth interpolation between rotations nicely, though.

An MPEG I stream, 160x120, 60 frames, 35k. The scene file is 4 keyframes: available here.


Here's a 10 minute effort at organic motion: a red block makes its way across the floor in a pseudopod-ish manner. The spline tends to put too much wiggle in the jiggle, but hey...

An MPEG I stream, 160x120, 420 frames, 240k. The scene file is 22 keyframes (!) available here.

moon orbits planet

This is an animation done by Steve Okay ( It's a moon orbiting a planet. Modelled with sceda, rendered with BMRT with some texturing help from the RenderMan Repository. Here's some more details from Steve.

An MPEG I stream, 320x240, 245 frames, 1,118k.

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