Sceda: Objects

Sceda: Objects

Here are some objects I've been playing with. Click on the picture to download the (sceda) scene file.

YinYang symbol A yin/yang symbol, simple csg.

throne/chair A very simple throne/chair.

steps Simple steps.

spiky star A spiky sort of star, from some early playing with csgs.

simple rocket A rocket. Wheee!

milkbox Slightly more complicated: a standard sort of milk carton thingy.

hinge Somewhat neat: a hinge object.

flourescent lamp A flourescent lamp, based on some idle doodlings. This is actually three objects, a base/upright, an extending arm and the lamp shade, so positions can be adjusted.

cagedoor A cagedoor door, using the hinge shown above. This is two objects, the cage door and the cage wall, so the door can be opened and closed. Animating this, however, uncovers yet another bug in sceda I haven't yet tracked down... :(

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