Introducing the Ollie x Cleo litter
(AmCH Dge-Ltas King Oliver x CanCH MeTshag Su Khyi Northern Lites)
born on Saturday, 8 September 2001
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Saturday afternoon and everyone doing well .... including the "furry godmother" (not shown)
from left to right - b/t girl, brindle boy, black girl (with white dot on neck), black girl, black or sable boy (with white slash on neck), b/t boy (with white feet) and on the bottom, the other b/t boy
One day old (Sunday) .... two boys
one with the hand of the human "mom" and one with the "hand" of the real mom

and to introduce you to them individually with pictures taken at 4 days of age
first the girls:

almost all black and she is the largest pup

black a white toes and a small white star on her neck

black and tan but the tan is very dark

now the boys:

black (maybe dark sable) with a white streak on his neck

black and tan with almost no white

black and tan with white feet and a broad white bib on  his chest

stands out as the only gold brindle
he is the biggest of the boys

5 weeks of age

8 weeks of age

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