Chase x Cleo litter
(AmCH Sheydon Cha-Shah x CanCH MeTshag Su Khyi Northern Lites)
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The ultrasound on 23 September 2002 showed 7 puppies.
Then the xray on 23 October showed 6 puppies.
On 29 October between 12:30AM and 3:00AM, Cleo produced
three girls (one gold, two tris)
three boys (two golds, one tri)
Try to find them all in this photo ... I think I can only see 5 of them.
Click to see the pups as they grow

at 4 weeks of age, they are really starting to interact with each other

but there is less and less room at the "milk bar"


Click to see the puppies as they grow.

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