Am/CanCH MeTshag Dar Dkar
(dar dkar = white shawl)
a.k.a. Dak the Quack., Quackers
his favourite toy is a duck that quacks
Dak at Brantford Dak at Credit Valley

1999 was Dak's first year out as a specials
He got some wonderful placements at big shows .. and he only turned two at the end of October 1999

Syracuse March 2000 Baltimore KC- supported-entry show after TTCA 2000

Y2K will be a quiet year for Dak as he goes through a coat change
but that does not stop him from making an impression at the few shows he has attended
including a 5-pt major (BOW) at the supported entry following the TTCA 2000 National Specialty

and to finish off his American Championship, Dak got a BOW at Niagara Falls for another 5-pt major

and at his first show as an American Special, he won BOB over the US #1 TT for the year 2000

Dak would like everyone to know that he may be a show dog on the weekends ...

an afternoon with a friend in the park
but he's a real dog the rest of the time .....

and in December 2001, he became a dad for the first time
click here to see his first litter

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