Dhanya Me Tshag Sipa-Khorlo

born 8 May 2000 in Westervoort, Netherlands
Breeders: H & E Sales

upon arrival in Canada on 23 July 2000

Dhanya at the end of her longggg day

Still showing signs of jet-lag

At the age of 6 1/2 months, Dhanya earned her first points towards her Canadian championship by defeating two group-winning male specials (the #1 and the #2 TTs in Canada).  The judge was Paul Stanton.

Here she is at 7 months playing in the December snow .... and having fun with 10 yr old Mukhi who is a super grandma and LOVES playing with puppies.  With the patience worthy of a saint, she puts up with being dragged around by the ear then gently teaches the puppy manners.

Here is Dhanya at 11 months of age.

Then on April 29, 2001 under Betty McHugh, Dhanya won Group 4th and Best Puppy in Group

Two weeks later, Dhanya completed her Canadian Championship with back-to-back Best of Breed/Best Puppy in Breed wins under Chris Neilson and Doug Gaudin.

Dhanya as a young puppy
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