Asland x Dhanya litter
(AmCH Tsering ShamTsang Mingma  x CanCH Dhanya Me Tshag Sipa-Khorlo)
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The ultrasound on 11 December 2002 showed 5 puppies.
Then the xray on 3 January 2003 showed 5 puppies.
On 11 January 2003 between 6:30 AM and 10:45 AM, Dhanya had 5 puppies.
three boys ("white boy" (only a few gold spots), "white & gold" (some gold patches), "gold & white" (parti))
two girls ("dark gold", "light gold")
Try to find them all in this photo ... I think I can only see 4 of them.

Under her front paw is the white / gold boy.
To the left of her front paw is the "white boy".
Behind her back leg is the parti boy.
The dark gold girl is sort of under her hind leg.

From left to right, light gold girl, parti boy, white boy

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