Echo's personal page
What do you do when you have 6 gold puppies to choose from
several looked promising from a conformation point of view
several showed some potential as obedience/agility dogs
(as per the results of puppy evaluation done by a third party) ...
only one pup really had both ...... that one was called "Patch" ..
renamed by his new owner (Linda Milbrath) to become Echo
(or formally, MeTshag Little Sir Echo).
Patch/Echo at 6 weeks
Patch/Echo at 7 weeks
Patch/Echo at 9 weeks Patch/Echo at 9 weeks

Linda came to Ottawa to pick out her puppy
but leaving Ottawa at the beginning of December proved to be a challenge
we were totally fogged in and all flights cancelled that Sunday evening
when Echo and Linda finally arrived in Sheboygan, WI, he started charming everyone .....

including some Tibetan monks.

Echo with two monks
Echo in monk's lap
celebrating a birthday with friends
hanging out with a young friend
an angel in disguise ??
here come Echo cottontail ...
I smell something red ....
what's here for me ???
I guess I can wear this dumb hat ... but I can't see ....

Linda is an avid obedience/agility competitor
but had never been in the conformation ring
so Echo's early training was in agility

oh what a tangled web we weave .... I wonder how loud I can make it bankg this time ... I'll never 'tire' of fun stuff like this ...

gosh, those majors are hard to find but they found them

then Linda and Echo attended a George Allston clinic

just weeks later, Echo finished his American Championship at the age of 2 1/2 years
going BB over specials .... under Mel Downing

AmCH MeTshag Little Sir Echo CGC
that's the hard way even for experienced handlers ... way to go, Linda & Echo

and then there is the agility ring ... adding NJ and NAJ to his name

and in May 2002 in one weekend, 9 out of the 10 pts needed for his Canadian CH
(including a Group 3rd)
and he finished off his Canadian CH under Hans Brunotte on 1 Sept 2002 at the Essex County show dedicated to the memory of Jeane Marks.

now Echo can leap into his agility / obedience career

September 2003, he became
Am/Can CH MeTshag Little Sir Echo OA, OAJ, CGC

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