Grooming Video
In the spring of 1999, Val Weston, a professional groomer and handler in the Toronto area, re-did the grooming video.   Professionally produced and copied, this video includes all phases of grooming - starting with a puppy (Ani - 6 months old at the time), then a dog in "pet" or "puppy" trim (Bianca), and finally a dog in full (but immature) show coat (Dak).
Running time for the video is 1h33.
The cost is
$45.00 CAD plus $ 3.00 shipping for within Canada
$30.00 USD plus $ 4.00 shipping for the USA

For overseas orders, the shipping cost may be slightly higher.

For ordering, please contact:

Valerie Weston, Certified Master Groomer

Simply the Best Dog-Gone Salon
135 Avenue Rd (2nd floor)
Toronto, Ontario
Canada   M5R 2H7
(416) 964-1213

2003-08-26 The current video master tape has no audio. Val will be re-dubbing before shipping any more.  She hopes to have some "good" copies by the TTCA / World Congress in September.
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