MeTshag Tibetan Terriers Photo Album

Although never fond of getting her feet wet, Mukhi loves having the wind blowing in her face .... no wonder she did so well that fall at the Finger Lakes circuit. The answer my friend, is blowin in the wind...
playing in the snow Mukhi and her sister, Mrs Wiggles, running through the snow on frozen Rupert Lake in the Gatineau Hills. The pure joy of the romp is evident in their faces.

Mrs Wiggles lives with Paul Roy who owns a cottage on this lake.

CanCH Su-Khyi Mighty Rajah
Though a wonderful dog in many ways, Rajah was not at home in the show ring. Despite this, he took very little time to complete his Canadian Championship including a Best Puppy in Group. Rajah now lives with another family. 
Twisted sisters When Mukhi was bred to Bullet, there were only two puppies - both girls. We named them Cleo (the one in front) and Chloe (behind Cleo). They earned the nickname of "the Twisted Sisters". Chloe went to live with Winnie Wuesthoff but the sisters met up at the TTCC National Specialty in Vancouver in 1997 where Chloe went BOW three days in a row at the all breed shows to finish her Canadian championship .. and together with Cleo won Best Brace at the specialty .... they lived up to their name of "twisted sisters", leaping and playing with each other going round the ring ... and just for fun, the judge - Mel Ells - made us go around again!
Chloe has come back to Canada and now lives in St Sauveur and is learning French.
Dal Le is Dak's litter sister and she went as a young puppy to stay with Lynda Zittier in BC.

Every once in a while, we meet up and with some GREAT results. At the one of the all-breed shows following the 1999 TTCA National specialty, Lynda let me show Dal Le. Not only did we win Best of Breed from the classes but we went on to win a Group 3rd !!!

The next time I got to show Dal Le, we went BOS on one of the days following the 1999 TTCC National specialty, beating the specialty winner !

twisted cousins Evie and Ani in the hotel room at the age of 9 months. These girls are "twisted cousins" in that they are the daughters of Cleo and Chloe respectively .. and doesn't this pair look like they could get into a lot of trouble!

Evie lives in Peterborough where she thinks she has gone to heaven with the whole Gahagan family to adore her.

Ani lives in Sudbury with Linda Pischlar and has a new playmate, Tsampa, who came from Terri Gueck.


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