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Am/Can Ch Su-Khyi Me-Tshag Mukhi
Ch Ling Khor's Dakini Buccaneer x Su-Khyi Gser Zer Chu

 Mary Helen Jessop judged Mukhi to be the Grand Futurity winner in 1993. It was only my second US national specialty. I can still remember the thrill.

Mukhi wins Futurity!
Ch MeTshag Su Khyi Bianca
AmCh Rocky Hill's D J Sheydon x Mukhi

 Bi earned group placements on her way to her Canadian championship. She continued her winning ways with more group placements and was the #2 TT in Canada (and the #1 female TT) in 1997 and 1998. She now lives with Valerie Weston and they are working on obedience. However, Bi would rather visit the kids at ringside than follow Val in a heel pattern.

Ch MeTshag Su Khyi Northern Lites - Cleo
Ch Shergol Go-La x Mukhi

Cleo always seems to be smiling and when she greets people, she wags her whole body and maintains her right to be called one of the Twisted Sisters.

 Cleo has had major wins in the US going BOS over specials.

Ch Kyeri's Tongkhor - Tony (aka ToTo)
Ch Shergol Go-La x Ch Kyeri's Nam-Cee Skar-Chu

 Tony came to us as bundle of black fur. Of all the dogs, Tony is my daughter's favourite jogging partner. The picture is from Denver where Tony won the yearling sweeps at the 1998 TTCA national specialty.

Tony wins Best in Sweepstakes!
Ch MeTshag Dar Dkar - Dak (aka Quackers ) 
AmCh Sheydon's Ra-Da-Pa x Mukhi

 Always turning everything into a game and making everyone smile, he is a delight to live with and a joy to show ... but he spends more time in the air than standing on the ground! Multiple group placments in 1999 - ending the year with a Group 2nd in Brantford and a Group 3rd at Credit Valley.

Dak the Quack
Su-Khyi Mountain Princess

 The newest addition to our family .... shown here on 1 November 1999 on a near perfect day at Whister/Blackcomb

photo courtesy of Lynda Zittier

little Princess


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