wxPyPlot is an enhanced derivative version of wxPlotCanvas to provide simple lightweight plotting in wxPython. The emphasis is both on simple and lightweight.

Before starting this work I looked at two plotting packages that could be adapted to work with wxPython. SciPy Plt and Chaco are sophisticated and powerful, but at the expense of consuming huge amounts of computer resources for simple plots. They can be found at http://scipy.com. I was looking for something that could be incorporated into a Boa application and had the ability to plot lines with large numbers of points quickly for data capture applications. wxPlotCanvas had the speed and some of the functionality that I was looking for, but lacked a lot of features that I needed. This effort has filled the gap.

I have tested this out on Windows using Python 2.3 and wxPython If you have the chance to test it on Linux, please let me know how it works. Suggestions and improvements welcome.

Gordon Williams, g_will@cyberus.ca

September 2003



wxPyPlot has been part of the standard wxPython distrubution for a while now (named plot)

Look under lib (Python25\Lib\site-packages\wx-2.7.1-msw-ansi\wx\lib) for plot.

You can also test it out with the wxPython demo.

Boa also supports it but you need to turn the plug-in on.

Oct. 2006



 Automatic Scaling of Axes

 Legends for Markers and Lines

 Plot Title and Axis Labels

 Zoom Region with Mouse (Rubber Band) or Programmatically

  Scroll Up/Down, Left/Right

  Plot Grid (Graticule) on Graph

  Printing, Preview, and Page Set-up (margins) -WYSIWYG

  Saving to File with various Picture Formats

  Cursor X-Y User Axis Values

  Simple, Lightweight and Fast

  Can be Used with Boa Applications if Desired

  Lots of Comments and Doc Strings along with Example Usage


Screen Shots

Screen Shots from the included demo program are here.


Future Additions/Changes

 None Planned