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(updated 05-03-2002)

Welcome to the website of the Atlantic Blood BowlTM Association, a Blood BowlTM league in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Geography experts may note that Ottawa is about 700km from the Atlantic Ocean. We chose that name because most of our coaches come from Atlantic Canada, and we name our teams in reference to the coach's hometown. That, and we thought "ABBA" was a good acronym.
Blood BowlTM is a boardgame that mixes elements of chess, football, and fantasy wargaming. It is a strategy game, where positioning is key. The "coaches" take turns to move their pieces ("players"), who have variously defined abilities and movement capabilities. The aim is to carry a football from one end of the board to the other. Like a fantasy wargame, the pieces can be injured and "killed", but they also develop and improve the more they are played. The teams, races, and player types are based on the Games Workshop WarhammerTM universe.
Our philosophy is friendly competition, and our house rules are voted to reflect this. We try to keep a level playing field, while still allowing coaches the freedom to develop their teams in whatever style they wish. Several of the rules in the official Blood Bowl rulebooks have been discarded or modified to this end. These changes can all be found in the league rulebook
"WinterRude 2002"


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