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Well Balanced Menus

For those who are interested in a well balanced diet with a Nutritional breakdown for;
bullet breakfast
bullet lunch
bullet dinner, and
bullet a variety of nutritional snacks
I can help you achieve your best with a proper consumption of high energy foods.  A two week menu (program) can start you off on the right track.

These are easy to follow recipes, very handy, when you want to know what you are eating, such as;fp.jpg (130573 bytes)
bullet calories    

protein % 


carbohydrates %


fat %

bullet vitamins
bullet minerals


It is important to have a healthy bodyweight, it helps you, to feel good about yourself! Check and see where your (BMI) Body Mass Index is. 

BMI Calculator


An approximate overall body fat. If your BMI is any were from 19 to 25 you are in a healthy zone, however activity and proper food intake still remains important.
If your BMI is any where from 26 to 30 you are bearing too much weight, activity and proper food intake is important.
If your BMI is below 19 you are underweight, proper food intake and activity is important.