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"I contacted Lydia because I wanted to get in shape and I had very little knowledge of how to do it. She helped educate me about how to attain the fitness goals I wanted and after following the program she’d set for me, I soon began to see results. She taught me anyone can make the change to a healthy lifestyle and I am grateful to her for giving me the tools I needed to make it happen." - Statistics Canada - B. Fraser

"Lydia surpasse beaucoup de spécialistes que j’ai rencontré depuis 11 ans. Elle est une personne ressource de qualité. Elle m’a donné le secret et le goût d’une bonne alimentation en prenant le temps de m’expliquer et de me faire goûter à différentes choses (moi qui aimais presque seulement le pâté chinois). Elle m’a donné la force et le courage de m’entraîner chaque jour comme il faut (incluant les jours de repos)." - Statistics Canada - J. Bertrand

"Yes I was very satisfied with the service I received.  Lydia was very attentive to my needs, the program was addressed to goals listed from the first session. Any questions I had were answered.  I enjoyed having a custom exercise program designed that I know I can follow. I recommend Lydia's services" - Statistics Canada - C. Lonmo

"I accomplished what I wanted to achieve, such as proper use of exercise equipment and techniques.  Also great ideas on how to eat better.  My individual needs were met, mainly when we first met, I told Lydia the goals I wanted to achieve and she designed a program that incorporate my needs, goals and times.  I learnt how to use the equipment and what type of exercises to use for the different muscle groups.  I really enjoyed the weight training sessions.  Definitely recommend Lydia's services."  - Statistics Canada - J. Malette

"The service I received was very professional and very informative.  The material was clearly presented and understandable.  I learned how to use the equipment the right way, how to build on definition and how to eat healthy.  I would not hesitate to recommend Lydia's services.  I was very impressed !" - Statistics Canada - X. Patry

"Very satisfied with the services I received, Lydia's information was very clearly presented.  All the questions I asked and had were answered.  I feel I have a more effective way to use the gym now.  Throughout the sessions I felt comfortable with the pace and also that I could ask any questions I wanted, and got good feedback.  I definitely recommend Lydia's services."  Statistics Canada - H. Anderson

"I was very satisfied with the service I received! The information provided to me was very clear and precise.  Lydia was very attentive to my needs and well organized.  I really enjoyed every session.  I learned the right way to use dumbbells, proper use of equipment, how to alternate safe exercises with a dynaband.  I also learned what foods to eat to provide me with energy through out the day.  I highly recommend Lydia's services, she has a very nice personality, I felt very comfortable with Lydia and not intimidated." -  Statistics Canada - L. Tassé

"The service I received was excellent and very thorough.  Lydia presented her material clearly and understandably.  I learned more about proper nutrition and the correct "form" in lifting weights.  Lydia was very motivational during the training sessions I had with her.  She was consistently concerned about my "form".  Her background in nutrition is fantastic. She certainly put the time and effort into the handouts and meal plans. Fantastic!"  C.U. Ottawa - Darren Alexander Kalaman B.A. Hons. Psyc 2002 (High Honours)

"The training I received was very informative, and the service was great.  With Lydia's training program and guidance I'm really impressed with the results I've achieved on a monthly basis.  I learned proper techniques, the right foods to eat to get more energy, and gained more strength.  I recommend Lydia, because of her experience, dedication and she really cares".   E.T.M. Ind. Renfrew - D. Dickson

"I was extremely satisfied with the service I received.  Lydia was well organized and prepared to give endless time.  I learned a lot about nutrition, anti-oxidants, and how to exercise efficiently and effectively.    Lydia is a very comfortable person, also fun, so it makes the exercising pleasant and the learning easy.   I got far more than value for my money.  Lydia also makes your dogs happy". -  Ottawa Citizen  - C. Gigantes

"I learned a lot, and had lots of fun.  The program was laid out in a very easy to read manner.  Lydia was very attentive to my individual needs.  She knows her stuff!  I learned how to do things properly in the gym.  I also learned eating more (quantity) of good healthy food (quality).  Lydia made things fun and interesting without intimidating me.   Gave positive reinforcement and outlook on life and health". - Health Care Assistant  -  V. Campbell

"...Thanks Lydia.  Like I said you are my inspiration ... thanks to you in putting me on the right track to fitness and good eating habits.  Thanks again. -  ALCATEL -  L. Moulton 

"I was absolutely satisfied with the service I received.  Lydia was attentive to my individual needs I had specific goals and wanted them addressed.  Got tremendous value for my money".  -  Post Office, Accountant -  C. Vachon

"Found Lydia extremely organized and well prepared.  I learned lots of new things, how to eat right, and proper exercising.   I was very satisfied with the service I received.  I enjoyed all the sessions and would definitely recommend her".   Administrative Assistant - F. Villeneuve

"I was very satisfied with the service I received.  Lydia was very attentive to my needs.  More energy was one of my goals, with her help I did accomplish my goal.  Through instructions, humorous easy going presentation, Lydia's sincerity, and commitment to health is very inspiring". -  Post Office - Jane