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Books Available

Life Writing
The Memory of All That
A Wild Streak
Life Music
Grace MacInnis: A Woman to Remember (with Joy Trott)
Save the Last Dance for Me
The Secret of White Birch Road
Tea With Delilah
Illusions Die
Memories Stick
They Tried: The Story of
the Canadian Youth Congress
An Amethyst Remembrance
Spelling Bee
Winter Moon
The Old Love and the New Love
The Songcatcher and Me

Chapbooks Available

Three's Company (with Ray Burrell and Roger Latta)
Polarities (with Valerie Simmons)
The Revenant
How to Remember

Ruth's Biography

     Born in Englehart, Ontario, Ruth's first venture into higher education was at North Bay Teachers' College. She has an Ontario Teachers' Certificate. She is a graduate of Queen's University, (B.A, 1970. M.A., History, 1973, Ruth "Olson.") She also completed a B.A. in English in 1993 from the University of Waterloo.

     Ruth taught in Ontario elementary schools for five years. Later, as a history researcher/project manager, she indexed 19th century Kingston newspapers. Since 1985, she has taught interest courses in creative writing (including memoir writing) in Ottawa schools, community centres and libraries. Several of her former students have since been published.

     Over the past thirty years, her short fiction, poems, reviews and articles have been published in a variety of literary and general interest publications. Her twelve books, (two on historical subjects, one biography, one on the craft of writing, three short story collections and five novels) have been published by Ottawa-area small presses.

     For the past ten years Ruth has been writing a monthly "Book Report" column for the Ottawa edition of Forever Young magazine. Her book reviews also appear frequently in Canadian Materials, an online magazine published by the Faculty of Education of the University of Manitoba. She is a member of the Writers' Union of Canada.

     Ruth lives in Ottawa with a microbiologist/painter/writer and a cat.

Contact Ruth at: ruthlatta1@gmail.com

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