Browness - Family Name & History
Wallace in the archivesWelcome to Browness - Family Name & History. This part of Ian's Place provides background on the origins of both the family name and those who have borne it.  Much more will be added to the shell you now see as the months pass, but for now it contains the following:


Oor Wee Gallery

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The Stories

Click here to marvel at the story of John - The First Browness, a richt steamy potboiler of a tale!!!  Well, actually an extremely well researched and written account of the origin of the family and its name.
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The Family Tree

The main lines in the tree are as shown below (there are, of course, many others in the family who are equally worthy of inclusion, but just couldn't fit into this small a space).  In short, James Brandish had a daughter, Mary Brawnes, who had a son...
I.    John Browness (1784 - 1824)
II.    George Browness (1814 - 1872)
III.    George Robert Browness (1854 - 1923)
IV.     George Henry Browness1 (1883 - 1924) 
IV.  Frederick Thomas Browness (1890 - 1936) 
VF.    George Henry Browness2 (1920 - 1977)
VG.       George Arthur Browness (1910 - )  
VIGG.     Ian Barry Browness (1950 - )
VG.    Robert James Browness (1918 - 1979) 
VIGR.   Stephen James Browness (1951 - )
VGAlexander Browness (1920 - )
("G" = George Henry's side; "F" = Frederick Thomas' side; "GG" = George Arthur; "GR" = Robert James) )
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The Sutherland Tartans

Hey, wait a minute.  If you're wondering who the hell the Sutherlands are and why an English family would give two hoots about their tartan, tune in to the next version of this site for some background on The Great Browness Melding (No! not "gelding", I said "melding"... look it up).
  Sutherland tartan 1 Sutherland tartan 2 Sutherland tartan 3
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