Adult Children Anonymous
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"Courage to Change" Group

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Adult Children Anonymous (or "A.C.A."), is a group formed for those suffering from the effects of addiction and compulsive behaviour in our home environment during childhood (originally called "Adult Children of Alcoholic/ Dysfunctional Families").

bullet Where to Find Us

The Courage to Change Group meets on Monday nights at 7:30 in Room 104 of Saint Paul University 223 Main Street (South of Lees Avenue).

If you're driving in, there's ample free parking.

If you're coming in via OC Transpo, were on the routes for the #5 and the #16:

  • Route 5: main transfer points: Rideau Centre (on Rideau St) or Billings Bridge (lower level) Transitway station

  • Route 16: main transfer points: Rideau Centre (on Rideau St) or Lees Avenue (upper level) Transitway station

From the main door of Saint Paul U., just go up the stairs, continue straight along the main corridor and you'll find us half way along on the left.

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bullet About Our Meetings

Newcomers are welcome at all "Courage to Change" meetings. Simply show up… If you would feel more comfortable having more information on the program or group before attending a meeting, please call the Courage to Change (Monday) Group Service Representative ("GSR"), who will be happy to discuss this with you in confidence; the telephone number of the Monday night GSR is available via the N.C.R. A.C.A. General Information number provided at the bottom of the Meeting List page. There is no charge for meetings, although we do pass the hat (in the "7th tradition"), for those who wish to and who are able to make a contribution. A Newcomers' Orientation packet and other materials are provided free, courtesy of the donations of group members. There is also a small lending library of related recovery books.

Aside from special occasions, such as Teddy Bear nights, meetings typically run until about 9:15. Following the opening introductions and readings, members have the choice of joining either Characteristic or Step discussion groups. When newcomers are present, they are also offered the opportunity of a special newcomer's orientation, at which the program is outlined and any questions about A.C.A. can be answered. Following the "small groups" segment, members reassemble for the closing.

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bullet Current Announcements

There was no Monday meeting on December 27 as the University was closed for the holidays; HOWEVER, THERE WILL BE A MEETING ON JANUARY 3.

The group has several service openings available for interested members.

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