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Book List for A.C.A. ACoA Co-dependency and Recovery Issues
Readings by category and author on codependency, Adult Children Anonymous, the Twelve Steps and recovery issues, including titles by Bradshaw, Beattie, Hazelden, Woititz, Mellody and Claudia Black

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The books here have been roughly grouped under the following headings:

  • Woititz, Janet Geringer Ed D  " Adult Children of Alcoholics :  Expanded Edition "   (1983/1990).
    Health Communications, Inc.
    ISBN: 1-55874-112-7
    This is "the" book that forms the basis for much of the A.C.A. / ACoA program. Extracts covering each of the characteristics are often read in discussion groups.
  • " The 12 Steps for Adult Children *From Addictive and Other Dysfunctional Families :  Friends in Recovery (Revised and Updated) "   (1987/1996).
    RPI Publishing, Inc.
    ISBN: 0-941405-12-5
    This book provides a good interpretation of the twelve steps as they apply to adult children and often is read in discussion groups.
  • " Daily Affirmations :  For Adult Children of Alcoholics "   (1985).
    Health Communications, Inc
    ISBN: 0-932194-27-3
    This book provides a set of affirmations particularly well suited to the program.
Other A.C.A./ ACoA / Codependency Books
(alphabetically, by author)

  • Beattie, Melody  " Beyond Codependency :  And Getting Better All the Time "   (1996).
    Hazelden Information Education
    ISBN: 0894865838
  • Beattie, Melody  " Codependent No More :  How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring for Yourself "   (1987/1992).
    ISBN: 0-89486-402-5
    Along with Dr Jan's book above, this is one of the books most often cited by newcomers as the one that convinced them to begin a program of recovery.
  • Beattie, Melody  " Codependents Guide to the Twelve Steps"   (1990).
    ISBN: 0-13-140054-1
  • Beattie, Melody  " The Language of Letting Go :  366 Daily Reflections from Melody Beattie "   (1996).
    Hazelden Information Education
    ISBN: 0894866370
  • Black, Claudia PhD, MSW  " Changing Course :  Turning Points to Recovery "   (1993).
    MAC Publishing
    ISBN: 0-910223-20-3
  • Black, Claudia Phd, MSW  " It's Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood :  Inspirations for Adult Children "   (1989).
    Ballantyne Books
    ISBN: 0-345-36279-9
  • Black, Claudia Phd, MSW  " It Will Never Happen to Me" (1981).
    Ballantyne Books
    ISBN: 0-345-34594-0
  • Bradshaw, John  " Bradshaw on: The Family :  A revolutionary Way of Self-Discovery "   (1988).
    Health Communications, Inc.
    ISBN: 0-932194-54-0
  • Bradshaw, John  " Family Secrets :  The Path to Self-Acceptance and Reunion "   (1996).
    Bantam Books
    ISBN: 0553374982
  • Bradshaw, John  " Healing the Shame That Binds You"   (1988).
    Health Communications
    ISBN: 0932194869
  • Bradshaw, John  " Homecoming :  Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner Child "   (1990).
    Bantam Books
    ISBN: 0-553-35389-6
  • Farmer, Steven MA, MFCC  " Adult Children of Abusive Parents :  A Healing Program for Those Who Have Been Physically, Sexually, or Emotionally Abused "   (1989).
    Ballantine Books
    ISBN: 0-345-36388-4
  • Klaas, Joe  " The 12 Steps to Happiness :  A handbook for all Twelve Steppers "   (1982).
    Ballantine Books (by arrangement with the Hazelden Foundation)
    ISBN: 0-345-36787-1
  • Kritsberg, Wayne  " The Adult Children of Alcoholics Syndrome :  A Step-by-Step Guide to Discovery and Recovery "   (1985).
    Bantam Books
    ISBN: 0-553-27279-9
  • Mellody, Pia and Wells Miller, Andrea  " Breaking Free :  A Recovery Workbook for Facing Codependence "   (1989).
    HarperCollins Publishers
    ISBN: 0-06-250590-4
  • Mellody, Pia with Wells Miller, Andrea and Miller, J. Keith  " Facing Codependence :  What It Is, Where It Comes From, How It Sabotages Our Lives "   (1989).
    Harper & Row
    ISBN: 0-06-250589-0
  • Middleton-Moz, Jane & Dwinell, Laurie  " After the Tears :  Reclaiming The Personal Losses of Childhood "   (1986).
    Health Communications, Inc.
    ISBN: 0-932194-36-2
  • Simon, Dr Sidney B. & Simon, Suzanne,  " Forgiveness :  How to Make Peace with Your Past and Get on With Your Life "   (1990).
    Warner Books
    ISBN: 0-446-39259-6
  • various well-known authors  " Co-Dependency" :  reprinted from "Focus on Family and Chemical Dependency"   (1984).
    Health Communications, Inc.
    ISBN: 0-932194-21-4
  • Whitfield, Charles L. MD  " Healing the Child Within :  Discovery and Recovery for Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families "   (1987).
    Health Communications, Inc.
    ISBN: 0-932194-40-0
  • Woititz, Janet Geringer Ed D  " Self-Sabotage Syndrome :  Adult Children in the Workplace "   (1989).
    Health Communications
    ISBN: 1558740503
  • Woititz, Janet Geringer Ed D  " Struggle for Intimacy"   (1986).
    Health Communications
    ISBN: 0932194257
    This book provides insight into the challenges faced by adult children in relationships and offers tips on overcoming Characteristic 7.

  • Killinger, Barbara PhD  " Workaholics The Respectable Addicts :  A Family Survival Guide "   (1991).
    Key Porter Books
    ISBN: 1-55013-264-4
    This book presents a good discussion of a pattern of behaviour which, although a very unhealthy form of avoidance and isolation, is all too often seen as positive - and even rewarded - by employers… until burn-out, some other crisis or (with luck) recovery, intervenes.
  • McWilliams, Peter  " Life 101 :  Everything We Wish We Had Learned About Life in School -- But Didn't "   (1997).
    ISBN: 0931580641
    This is an easy and uplifting read, with a number of good insights and inspirational passages.

  • Groening, Matt  " Childhood Is Hell"   (1988).
    Pantheon Books
    ISBN: 0679720553
    Binky Bongo You make not recognize the name, but Matt is a cartoonist who, amongst his other accomplishments, created "The Simpsons" television show. If you've watched it, you've no doubt picked up on some pretty specific and biting dysfunctional family humour. This book makes it quite clear that Binky the bunny, another of his characters, would have been more than at home at any A.C.A. meeting. If you need a bit of help laughing at the past, this is one good place to start.
  • Katz, Dr Stan J. and Liu, Aimee E.  " The Codependency Conspiracy :  How to Break The Recovery Habit and Take Charge of Your Life "   (1991).
    Warner Books
    ISBN: 0-446-39377-0
    Twelve step and other recovery programs are not universally accepted (if you haven't discovered this already, it won't take you long), and some (including the authors above) even see them as a negative influence. This book presents "the case against". It's included here because charting your own course (a major step in recovery with which even the authors above would likely agree), entails giving yourself as many options as possible and then making an informed choice.
The books above are by no means the only ones available on recovery, nor do they present the only path.
"Take what you want and leave the rest."

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