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A.C.A. ACoA Teddy Bear Certificates: Instructions and Ideas
How to download, print and customize the TeddysRule! free Adult Children Anonymous / A.C. of Alcoholics teddy bear (years of recovery) certificates.

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teddy bear Instructions & Ideas

General Notes

All the full-size certificate images are in compressed "JPEG" format. This is a standard Internet graphics format which can be displayed by all current browsers; although some basic graphics programs (e.g. simple Windows utilities such as "Paint", which generally use the "BMP" format), may not recognize them. However, this should not prevent you from being able to save and print them with high quality results.

Printing Directly from Your Browser

bullet Certificate 1 (provided courtesy of Ottawa's Monday Night "Courage to Change" A.C.A. Group), will most likely take up about one-half of the printed page (about 6½" w x 5" h), if printed directly from Netscape or Internet Explorer.

bullet Certificate 1 (sideways) This version of Certificate 1 is provided so that you can print a larger-size certificate without a graphics program that allows you to rotate and stretch images to fill the page. If printed directly from your browser, this certificate will probably take up about two-thirds of the printed page (about 7¼" w [as measured along the top of the certificate] x 5½" h.

bullet Certificate 2 (provided courtesy of Ottawa's Wednesday Night "Search for Serenity" A.C.A. Group), will most likely take up about one-half of the printed page (about 6 ½ w x 5" h), if printed directly from your browser.

Will the Background Print too?

Usually, no. The default setting for most browsers prints only the text and "foreground" images. If the background prints and you want to remove this, change your browserís print options.

Printing Larger Images

All 3 image files have been optimized to produce as large an image (without re-sizing) as can comfortably be printed by most printers (allowing for the printer margins (unprintable areas) at the top, bottom and sides of an 8 ½" x 11" sheet. To do this, you first need to save the image apart from the Web page on which it appears. To do this, simply display the page in your browser and, from Internet Explorer or Netscape, right-click on the image and select Save Picture/Image as... Select an appropriate folder, and save the file.

Printing Larger Images from A Graphics Program

If you have a graphics program that accepts JPEG images, simply opening the file you have saved and printing it should produce good results. If you are printing Certificate 1 (not the sideways version) or Certificate 2, you may get a message such as "Image orientation does not match page. Adjust automatically?" If so, say "Yes" and your graphics program will automatically rotate the image it sends to the printer. If the image printed for either of these certificates is wider than the page and you cannot rotate it, look for a print option such as "Fit to page" or re-size the image within your graphics program before printing (typically, click on the image to select it and then grab one of the corner sizing "handles" (squares) that appears and drag it in towards the center of the image; avoid any handles that appear along the sides as these will size the image disproportionately).

Printing Larger Images without A Graphics Program

If you donít have a usable graphics program, but you do have a recent version of Internet Explorer or Netscape, you can still print a larger image. Both these programs usually come bundled with simple Web page editors (Microsoft supplies "Front Page Express" and Netscape provides "Composer". If you have either of these programs on your Start Menu (usually, they appear where on the same sub-menu as your browser), open the program and create a new page (if prompted for information such as a page title, etc., be creative). Next, look for a menu command such as Insert/ Picture to display the image file on your page. The file will normally appear smaller than the full size of the page; however, you can then click on it to re-size it (see above), as you would with a graphics program. When you have it the size you want, simply print your page (if you want to save your page first, in Outlook Express you will need to specify Save as file…).

About The Image Files

Certificate 1
bullet File: "crt1x.jpg" (appears on page "re_crt1a.html")
bullet When opened in a graphics program, the true size of this image
  is 9 ¾" x 7 ½" (703 x 540 pixels at 72dpi).

Certificate 1 (sideways)
bullet File: "crt1sx.jpg" (appears on page "re_crt1b.html")
bullet The true size of this image (when opened in a graphics program),
  is 9 ¾" x 7 ½" (704 x 540 pixels at 72dpi).

Certificate 2
bullet File: "crt2x.jpg" (appears on page "re_crt2.html")
bullet The true size of this image (when opened in a graphics program),
  is 10" x 7 ½" (or 720 x 540 pixels at 72dpi).

Adding Text to The Certificates

If you want to get more creative than simply writing in the name of the recipient, etc. on the certificate, you can use a graphics program to add the desired text before printing. Knowing how to do this is mainly up to you, but matching the fonts is advisable for best results.

Font Matching

On Certificate 1 (both versions), the text is 28 pt Kids (a Corel font). If you donít have this, 28 pt Comic Sans MS Bold is a very close match.

On Certificate 2, the Group name is in Times New Roman 28 pt Bold Italics and the smaller text is the same font, but 20 pt.

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