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Service Roles I Could Perform with My A.C.A. ACoA/DF Group
Describes the many service roles available in A.C.A. ACoA/DF groups, such as Group Service Representative (GSR), Chairperson, Treasurer and Librarian

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The following are among the many service roles in A.C.A. groups. They vary from one group to the next, so find out what's available in yours. Whichever you choose, remember that doing your best to always remain an active member is the most important.

As an active member, I can perform the most important role in the group: by coming to meetings as often as I can; by participating in the group's activities as fully as I can, not regularly choosing some but standing off from others; by openly sharing in the discussion groups to the extent to which I am ready, so that others and I myself can learn from my experiences; by being considerate of other members, at all times respecting their privacy and the group's traditions; and by helping out in other service roles when and where I can.

Service Roles Usually Available from Week to Week

At any given meeting, I could also: help with setting up (particularly if I'm able to arrive before the others), or clearing up afterwards, I could help out with the readings or make a point of greeting and welcoming any obvious newcomers to the group ("Hi, I'm..." is usually a good place to start), by offering to chair one of the discussion groups (once I'm familiar with the procedure and ground rules), by offering suggestions for fellowship after the meeting or at other appropriate times, or by simply asking the chairperson or GSR if there's anything else I can do to assist.

Service Roles Often Lasting for Several Weeks or Rotated Monthly

coffee As the group's refreshment coordinator, (where the group can do this), I could make coffee and/or set out other refreshments in advance of the meeting, help or organize clean-up afterwards, make or help out with purchases, and offer my suggestions on new refreshments the group could provide for its members (within its budget), recognizing any special needs that some members might have.

As the chairperson for the newcomers' orientation, I could offer them a warm welcome to the program, provide them with and introduce some basic literature, such as a newcomer's packet, meeting list for my area and telephone list for my group, discuss with them their reasons for coming (accepting in advance that not all will yet be ready to share), discuss (speaking frankly from my own experience), and answer questions about the characteristics, steps, traditions and other basic program concepts, explain what happens in the course of a typical meeting and accept that, after the orientation, not all may choose to remain with the group or program. I could also invite another group member to participate in the orientation (particularly when there is only one newcomer, in order to reduce the newcomer's feelings of anxiety), so that others can later take on this activity as well.

books As the group's librarian or literature coordinator, I could set out the books and literature each week, check them out to members, explaining any rules the group has in this regard, collect and safeguard any deposits required (sometimes the treasurer does this instead), put the documents securely away at the close of the meeting, suggest new titles the group might wish to purchase and list or organize the holdings it already has.

As the group chairperson, I could, during my term, take responsibility for setting up and leading meetings, remaining always an equal member, asking for volunteers as required for the service roles above (and filling in the holes for any who are missing), ensure the security of the group's materials, funds (as required), and meeting rooms during and after meetings, try my best follow the group's schedule (and encourage members to do the same), ensuring that any special events (speaker's meetings, Teddy Bear nights, business meetings, etc.), take place as required, and make a special point of greeting newcomers. As the person the group relies on to hold those meetings, I would also ensure I have the telephone numbers of several other members just in case, due to unforeseen circumstances, I am unable to attend a meeting I was scheduled to chair.

Service Roles Often Lasting Several Months or Longer

piggy bank (please don't use one of these!) As the group's treasurer, I could maintain the group's finances, counting and recording the 7th tradition, maintaining the group's bank account (ensuring that there are enough co-signers specified and available so that the funds can be used properly when required), provide regular reports on balances and expenditures to the group during business meetings, so that sound plans can be made to meet its needs, and ensure that all payments are justified and properly recorded.

As the Group Service Representative ("GSR"), I could, always acting as its "trusted servant", be the link between my group, other groups and Inter-Groups or other coordinating bodies, help review and decide matters affecting A.C.A. as a whole within my area, participate in common administrative matters, such as arranging group liability insurance (where required) or rental arrangements for special events, help organize inter-group events such as conferences, dances or other entertainment, take the lead in meeting any administrative requirements of my own group, such as maintaining good relations with the group's landlord, helping ensure the group's service needs are met, by encouraging members to participate as they are ready and (when and as required), speaking to individual members or the group as a whole on issues of significance to help it stay together and maintain its course.

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