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People with Ideas: Bruce Overby and Karen Schriver

Bruce Overby and Karen Schriver

Photo: Carl Stieren

Bruce Overby, Sun Microsystems, Mountain View, California, USA (l.) and
Karen Schriver, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA (r.), author of Dynamics of Document Design

" ...documents are also designed ... they too can be infused with mood, structure, even elegance. Because documents serve utilitarian purposes, their design must blend a sense of the aesthetic with certain 'ready-to-wear' features: practicality, ease-of-use, and affordability. "

- Karen Schriver

"We have big fun at Sun. Great people. Cool technologies. We did HTML help when most of the world was in 'wait and see' mode. And we're now creating JavaHelp, a tool for developing platform-independent help for Java and non-Java applications. As I always say, 'We technical communicators get to have all the fun!' "

- Bruce Overby


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