Cleo x Ollie litter
born 8 September 2001

group photo of the first meal of real food at 4 weeks of age
sorry - I can only tell a few of them apart at this angle ...

photos of the litter taken 15 October
(just over 5 weeks old)
**and not too cooperative**

I don't like being left out of anything ... My name is Muggins and I have a new home lined up
I have beautiful gold eyebrows that make my face very expressive I may be the smallest but I have a big heart
I'm a really sweety but I like to get the gang going don't forget me
I'm the first to cry to be picked up All of the boys went to homes in the Toronto area

The big black girl died at 7 weeks
         - choked on a piece of kibble

The black and tan girl is "Bug", the one I kept
       (Can CH Metshag Frequent Flyer).

The smaller black girl lives in Ottawa.

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