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A Brief Note


27 years of hands on experience in bodybuilding, fitness, and proper
nutritional consumption, for energy and feeling good.  Member of
the Ontario Fitness Council, CAN-FIT-PRO,
and the Ontario Physique Association.

Photo: most muscular pose
bullet Competed in 14 bodybuilding competitions;
** placed 2nd three times,
** placed 1st at the Eastern Ontario Championships, and
** placed 1st in the Kingston Championships 2004.
bullet Sport Performance Institute Inc. (SPI) - Certified in;
** Level 1 - General Fitness
** Level 2 - Advanced Fitness
** Level 3 - Sports Specific
** Nutrition for Health and Performance
bulletAdditional valid certificates in; First Aid, CPR, CPAFLA - Canadian Physical Activity,
Fitness & Lifestyle Appraisal - Fitness Consultant, Kinesiology, Exercise physiology,
Nutrition for Health and Performance.
bulletAs a guest speaker provide seminars on health awareness, physical activities  & lifestyle, bodybuilding and proper nutritional consumption. 

* My Mission *

As a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Consultant  - to provide the highest quality personalized fitness instructions on bodybuilding, health,  nutrition, and to empower and educate, so my clients can reach all of their fitness and health goals, while feeling energized by eating right, strong by working out, and maintain an overall healthy, and vibrant existence.

Lydia Your Dedicated Instructor & Advisor in Health/Nutrition