Sceda: Scene Editor/Animator

Sceda: Scene Editor/Animator

Last Modified December 7, 1995

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Sceda is a patched version of sced , the cool three dimensional modeller from Stephen Chenney.

Sceda is, like sced, an X-based, constraint-oriented three dimensional modeller. It also provides support for splined keyframe animation. Animated objects have their position, rotation and scale smoothly interpolated across multiple keyframes via a (modified) spline function.

It naturally requires X, and a sufficiently Unix-like environment. I develop on a Linux system, so I know it works there, but most other platforms should also work, modulo messed up keysyms. This version of sceda is based on sced 0.81.

This software is beta: generally speaking, it works pretty well, but there are still bugs to be found. If you try it out and something breaks, please drop me a line.

Sceda allows you to:

Availability: where you can get source and patches

What's New: what's happening in the world of sceda

Animations: some mpeg animations

Objects: some miscellaneous sceda objects

Animation Encoders/Decoders: how I create my mpegs

Technical: various topics of technical interest

Bugs: all the stuff I already know is broken

To Do...: things I plan to do shortly

Feedback: how YOU can talk to ME

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